Sunday, October 15, 2017

All The Wrong Chords

Christine Hurley Deriso’s young adult novel, All the Wrong Chords, explores when one mixes sudden and inexplicable grief, with teenage angst, and falling in love. As predicted, it isn’t pretty. All the Wrong Chords follows Scarlett, dealing with the death of her big brother—her best friends. To cope, and to babysit, Scarlett moves in with her grandfather over the summer. There, she plans to lifeguard at the local pool and take it easy before she begins college in the fall. She did not plan on joining a band or falling for the lead vocalist. As she begins to (spoiler alert) realize that dreaming Declan might not be all he appears, she looks to her sister, her hometown best friend, and her new band best friend for guidance. But don’t worry, as her lust for Declan fails, Scarlett still finds love in this small town.
Overall, I really enjoyed Deriso’s novel. It was filled with emotion, but there might have been too much angst and egotism. I left loving who Scarlett fell in love with, but the too-happy ending and lack of physical feelings on Scarlett’s part, left me wanting more. To me, it also felt as though Scarlett’s character had not been completely flushed out yet. However, if you are looking for a great book on teenage grief and finding the right boy while finding yourself, All The Wrong Chords fills these requirements.

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